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Complete design, tailored to the specifics of the space and needs of the client. In each project the approach is individual, so that the end result can correspond with the feeling of home and reflect the features of its owner. Competent consulting in the selection of materials, comprehensive monitoring during the repair activity until the issue of the finished object to the satisfaction of the customer.

Hotels and office buildings

Functionality and modern design are some of the most important anchor points for designing in these areas. Knowledge and skills of ergonomic principles are essential for creating a comfortable and bright office space. Betting on quality materials and combining them with well-selected tonals are also necessary for sustainability over time and prevention from amortization.

Retail and restaurants

The formulation of the concept of the design in these areas is based not only on the latest trends and the specific style, but also in-depth study of the current and potential visitors of the requested public spaces. Mixing the marketing knowledge of our team with the talent of the designers captures the customer experience and forms the right interior solutions for the specific target group.

3D Design and

3D modeling of products for the interior. Customize any space with a design product that is unique. Skillful 3D modeling in any style and preparation for production or 3D printing of the specific material. From the rare design of a marble luxury fireplace to any furniture or light fixtures that do not exist on the market.

Our process

  • Consultation with a designer
  • Design and construction
  • 3D design and VR
  • Full monitoring and supervision

Consulting with a specialist about the client’s expectations and needs, includes also what  the project will cover through the implementation stages. This service also includes taking of the overall dimensions of the space for an exact individual offer with a description of each service. Before moving on to the next stage, it is important to gather specific guidance from the client. Following an approved offer, a contract is prepared to guarantee the security and trust in the collaboration with Studio Kork.

Creativity and artistic mind are key to designing the perfect concept. The project defines both the functional alignment of each part of the space, as well as the color combinations, materials and stylistics. Then is made a detailed plans necessary for the contractors to complete the development of the design. Precise drawings are extremely important for the good execution of repair and construction activities.

There is no better way for a client to see their project than a photorealistic 3D rendering. With a 360 degree VR panorama, anyone can fully immerse themselves in the space and see it in detail. All elements used in the previews are fully executable. Of great importance is the modeling service, which enables the production of unique products.

The completion of the project and the construction activities  are key to a satisfied client. At this stage comes the valuation for the realization of the interior and all the necessary services, supplies and manufacturers. The supervision and the full monitoring of the repair, complete the cycle of services and guarantee the quality implementation of interior solutions.

About Us

Studio Kork is a creative team of well-profiled professionals in various fields who unite for one purpose – to share their love for art and interiors. Thanks to the experience and skills of each, the services that Studio Kork offers, are a cycle that covers all interior and creative solutions from the concept to the successful realization.

Zahari Zahariev

Sales director

Zahari Zahariev is sales and marketing specialist with years of experience in Bulgaria and around the world. He is an exhaustible source of partnerships thanks to his communication skills and practices in different industries. Perfect at managing projects from start to finish, successfully completing them.

Engineer Dimitar Zahariev

Interior Designer

Engineer Dimitar Zahariev is аn interior designer and 3D artist. He is the author of the brilliant photorealistic projects and visualisations and has acquired deep knowledge of materials and technology through the years.

Kostadin Karakashev

3D multimedia designer

Kostadin Karakashev brings western thinking into our team directly from the source. Owing to his years of experience in Canada, working with interactive design, video animation and 3D modelling, becomes an expert in multimedia arts.

Mina Sabeva

Marketing Specialist

Mina Sabeva is a graphic designer and photographer with a lot of motivation and experience. Completing the studio’s creative services in advertising, she is also responsible for the implementation of Studio Cork’s overall marketing plan.

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